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About Word Counter

Mostly if you are a blogger or content writer. So you will know that to write content, we have to write more than Minimum Word. And for blogger one has to look everywhere. Title, Description, Content, so for this you have the easiest and simplest way to count the word online. While publishing the post, we should know how much Leanth and how many Characters the post is in. If you start counting it will take a long time.

The best website to do Online Word Count whose link we will give you below. Go to the link and paste your word in the box. Word, Charactar will be Totally Text Word Count. Totall Fetures of Ek Wordpad are found in this website. Like undo, rendo, grammer and spelling check, auto save, in which you can also save the written word. Go To Word Counter.

how to count word online | word counter?

All of you type something or the other in your PC or mobile, after typing, if you want to account from that how many letters you have typed or if you want to check your typing speed, then how will you check today's Post only on that topic, so let us understand it well.

Friends, to account for any word, we will find many such questions available on the Internet, through which we can account for the board of our paragraph, you will also get to see many such apps or if said in direct language If you go, there are many such software for someone, through which whatever you write, you can easily account for the character of each paragraph.

what is the meaning of word counter?

Word Counter means that we count the words of any paragraph, how many words we have written, you can also use it in your typing speed so that you can understand how many words you have counted or written in how many minutes.

In today's government competition, Akshay is asked that what is your typing speed, how many words can you type in 1 minute, whether it is Hindi word or English word, you can account for both, first of all you can type your word. Make a paragraph complete in writing, whatever you are writing in 1 minute, we are going to impress you, through that you can easily see those words through your phone, how many words you have written.

Word Count - You must have seen that sometimes you are giving an exam or typing anything, then you are told that you have to write in so many words or you are suggested words, in this way you may type the word in the limit. It happens that you have to write as many words as you have been suggested, so today I will tell you that if you type any or anything in the word, then how do you know how many words you have written?

  • Friends, as a blogger, you must have heard the name of Onpage SEO. Onpage Seo is such a technique through which you can get your post ranked in the top on Google.
  • There are many factors in Onpage SEO, in which word count is also a factor.
  • The more lengthy and quality content you write, then your post will rank in the top position on Google.
  • That's why you should always write a long and deep article along with quality.

How to use this word counter:-

  1. First of all, type or paste your content in the White Colored Box appearing above.
  2. As soon as you do Content, Type or Paste, you will see Counting of Words, Charactrer, Paragraph etc. in Blue Boxes.
  3. Clear Button: - If you have typed or pasted something in the above box, and you want to clear all the counting, you can do so through this button.
  4. Copy Button: - You can copy your text to Clipboard through Copy Button, which you can paste in any of your files.
  5. Remove Extra Space With Tab: - You can remove Extra Spaces from your text, by clicking on this button, Extra Spaces from your text as well as Spaces given by TAB Key of Keyboard will also be removed from the text.
  6. Remove Extra Space Without Tab: - If you want to remove Extra Spaces from your text but do not remove from the Spaces text given by TAB Key of Keyboard, then click on this button.
  7. This Word Counter Online is available. It is also called Keyword Counter, Character Counter, Paragraph Counter, Letter Counter, Sentence Counter.

Why is word count important in a blog post?

Friends, I will tell you why you should do word count with example in deep. Friends, you will also have a dream that you rank on top in Google. To rank on top in Google, you should analyze your competitor. First of all, you should see how many words the competitor has written in the post. After this, you should see what the competitor has covered and what has not.

Images and information should also be analyzed. After you understand all the things, then you should give more words, images and information than your competitor. If you write more information and words than your competitor, then you will rank in the top on Google. This is the only reason because of which you need to count words.

How to do word count in competitor's post?

Friends, to count the words of the competitor's post, first of all you have to open the competitor's post. After this, his post has to be selected completely and with the help of count these words, by right clicking, count the words of the post. As soon as you know the word count of your competitor, you will easily be able to beat it in search ranking.

What are the benefits of doing word count?

Friends, there are many benefits of doing word count.

  • It improves Onpage SEO of your website.
  • By improving Onpage SEO, your website will rank in the top on Google.
  • Because of ranking your website on Google, there is organic traffic increase on it.
  • By having more wordcount, you can beat your competitor.
  • It improves your Search Engine Optimization.
  • Due to having more wordcount, you supply more information to your user along with quality.
  • Due to having good and deep content, the ranking of your website improves on Google.
  • Word Count helps to understand the length of your competitor's post.


Friends, through the Small Seo Tables website, you can easily copy your word and paste it in their word counter section and by submitting it, you can call your ward that how many wards you have in that paragraph, then in this way you Your classes can work and this is the best medium of word counter through which you do not have to download any app anywhere, do any software downloading and you can check your ward online that how many words you have written in that paragraph.


Q1) What's the minimum word count for a blog post?

Ans- Friends, the minimum word count in a blog post is considered to be 300. Because in word count less than this, your post comes in the catogery of thin content.

Q2) What is a good blog length?

Ans- Friends, a Good Blog post Length 1000 to 1500 words article is considered.

Q3) Is 500 words enough for a blog?

Ans – If you cover everything related to the content then 500 words is enough for the blog.

Q4) What is the ideal word count for a blog post?

Ans - Friends, from my Point of View the Ideal Word Count of a Blog Post should be between 1500 to 2500 words.

Q5) What is the average blog word count?

Ans- Friends, if we talk about today's time, then the average words of all the blogs I have analyzed are around 1000 words.

Q6) Does using more words in a blog post rank on Google?

Ans- Yes, if you put keywords correctly in your post and write more words than the competitor, then it starts ranking.