RTA Full Form : What is RTA full information 2023?

RTA Full Form – RTA is such a word which has many meanings in different areas or in other words, you can use it in different ways in different areas. Today we are going to discuss about what is RTA and what is RTA Full Form.

The meaning and full form of this name varies from place to place. Here we are sharing a list of some full forms according to the industry for your health.

RTA Full Form

For your information, let me tell you that all RTA words have different meanings, today we are going to tell you the complete information related to RTA Full Form in detail.

RTA Full Form in Medical

The full form of RTA is Renal Tubular Acidosis. RTA is a medical problem that affects the accumulation of acid in the body due to the inability of the kidneys to acidify urine properly.

RTA Full Form in Railway

The full form of RTA is Regional Transport Office. It comes under Indian government which maintains the database of drivers. Apart from this, it also handles the database of vehicles of different states.

RTA Full Form In Roadways

The word RTA is also used in roadways. In roadways, the full name is Road Traffic Accident. It tells about the road accident that occurs at the place where public traffic takes place.

It is related to transport, under this, information related to prevention and prevention of road traffic accident is given, National Road Safety Policy is prepared by NHP (National Health Portal of India).

Other Full Forms of RTA

This word is used in many places like Medical, Railway, Finance, Networking, Education, Transport etc., whose full form is also different, which we are going to tell you below.

Full Name Category
Renal Tubular Acidosis Medical
Regional Transport Authority Transportation
Roads & Transport Authority Transport
Round Trip Average Networking
Restricted to Adults Internet
Registrar and Transfer Agents Finance
Resident Technical Assistant Business
Royal Thai Army Military


In today’s article, we have given you this information that what is the full form of RTA? Hope you will like this article. If you have any question related to this then comment and share this post with your friends on social media.

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