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This website also provides tools to analyze meta tags whether these tags are suitable for our website or not, this tool also helps to create meta tags. This tool provides you meta tags which helps to generate traffic on your blog or articles. This website has the specialty of making tools that are easy to use and user friendly and anyone can use it without any disturbance. This tool helps you to check meta tags of any other website so that you can improve SEO of your website. This simple tool provides the facility that anyone can do good SEO of their website.

Meta tags are very important in search engine optimization. Meta title and Meta description tags are very important in this.

What are meta tags in SEO? And how to add?

Meta is the information that tells about the content of a page. While reading a page, it is not visible to the readers but search engines can read it on Because these are HTM codes, which are inserted in the head section of the page.

Note  – It is necessary for SEO that we write Meta description of our webpage.

How to find Meta Tags of a page?

  1. To find Meta tags of any web page, the code of that page should be read.
  2. For this go to the page, right click the mouse and select view page source.
  3. By doing this, the coding of that webpage will be exposed to you.
  4. Also You can check Meta tags by going to HTML Head part.
  5. You can read this Google article to understand Meta Tags in detail.

What are the types of Meta Tags?

4 main Meta Tags which are used in SEO are-

  1. Title  tag
  2. Meta description tag
  3. Meta Robots Tag
  4. Meta Keywords tag

Title Tag –

This is a very IMP Best HTML tag from SEO point of view.

As the name itself suggests, this tag tells the search engine that what is the title/topic of the post?

i.e. what is this post about

How to write title tag in Html?

<title>The Title of the Page</title>

How to optimize title for SEO?

  • Include your main focus Keyword in it.
  • Title should be attractive. So that more people click.
  • Title justifies / matches your content.

2. Meta description tag

The use of 160 words in this tag is correct.

With the help of this tag, we can tell the search engines about the content of our webpage in short.

It is necessary for SEO that we write Meta description of our webpage.

How to write Meta description tag in Html?

<meta name="description" content="write your description here"/>

How to optimize Meta Description for SEO?

  • Add your focus keyword to it.
  • Also include synonyms of Keyword.
  • Correctly written Meta description Attract Visitors to Click and also improve our CTR.

If we do not write meta description according to our content then So the visitors who come to our website after reading the description will feel cheated. And will be back from the website very soon.

3. Meta Robots Tag –

With the help of this tag, we tell the search engine how to treat our web page.

index / no index - This tells whether the page should be shown in the search results or


Follow and no follow – It tells which links should be trusted and link juice should be passed.

<meta name="robot" content="index,follow"/>

4. meta keywords tag

These tags are no longer as important in SEO as they used to be a few years back. Search engines also do not give any weightage to them. If your website is built on WordPress, then you can easily add all these tags to your web pages with Yoast Plugin.