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About Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag tells Seach Engine that the blog tells about what topic our blog is on. Seach Engine indexes our Blog / Website accordingly.

What is Meta Tag?

Meta Tag is an HTML element in any blog or website which is found written in the Head Section of the website by the search engine crawler. Search engine crawlers understand these meta tags and index the webpage on the basis of that.

This Meta Tag Show is not available to an internet user, because meta tags are in the backend of the web page.

Types of Meta Tag

Meta Tags can be of many types, but we have told you below about some main meta tags which are most important for SEO.

how meta tags appear in HTML?


 <title>Web Page Title </title>
  <meta charset="UTF-8″>
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  <meta name="description" content="Web Page Description">
  <meta name="robots" content="follow, index,"> 
  <link rel="canonical" href="canonicalurl">
  <meta name="keywords" content="Webpage Keyword ">
  <meta name="author" content="Webpage Author">

Title Tag

Title tags are very important from SEO point of view. The title tag tells the search engine crawler what the title of the webpage is. And what is the web page written about.

Meta charset=”UTF-8

This is character encoding for a Unicode character. This meta tag tells the search engine that the format of the web page is Unicode. Most of the developers use Unicode only to create websites.

Meta Viewport Tag

Meta Viewport Tag tells the search engine whether the webpage is responsive for all devices or not. Meta Viewport Tags are important for a blogger to make the webpage mobile friendly.

Meta Description

Meta Description is a summary of a web page or blog post in 150 to 160 words, which tells the search engine crawler about the content present in the webpage. But Google itself determines which meta description to show on the Search Engine Result Page.

Meta Keyword

Search engines no longer give importance to Meta Keyword, because many website owners do keyword stuffing to get their posts ranked in Google, which spoils the User Experience.

By the way, Meta Keyword is used to get the blog post ranked on any one particular query. Keyword placement should be done smartly in the blog post.

Meta Robot Tag

Robot Meta Tag tells the search engine how to treat the web page. There are mainly two points in this.

index/no index Tells the search engine robot whether to show the page in the search result or not.
follow/no follow tells the search engine which links, files, images etc. to follow and pass Link Juice.

Meta Author

Meta Author tells the search engine crawler about the author of the web page. Author Tag is very important for SEO Concept like Google EAT.

Canonical Tag

Canonical Tag is used to define the Main URL from two or more similar looking URLs. The canonical tag tells search engines which page to index when more than one URL contains the same content.

Other Meta Tag

Apart from these, there are some other meta tags such as –

  • og:locale – Shows the location of the blog (eg India, USA).
  • og:type – Indicates the type of blog post.
  • og:title – Represents the title of the blog post.
  • og:description – Shows the description of the blog post.
  • og:url – Shows the URL of the blog post.
  • og:updated_time – Shows when the blog post was uploaded.
  • og:image – Represents the image used in the blog post.
  • og:image:alt – Shows the Alt Text of the image.
  • og:image:type – Indicates the format of the image. Like image is jpg, png or jpeg.

Importance of Meta Tag in SEO

Meta Tag is called the Backbone of SEO, because without Meta Tag web pages will be beyond the understanding of search engine crawler and good ranking of web pages which crawler will not understand is also almost impossible. Meta tags make the web page search engine friendly.

Title and meta description tags are the most important of these, which are shown on the search engine result page, which are also important from the user's point of view. The user clicks on those websites which are relevant to his query. That's why it is very important to make title and meta description SEO friendly and user friendly.

How to add meta tag to your website?

You will find many meta tag generator tools on the internet through which you can generate meta tags for your blog or website. After generating the meta tag, you have to add it to the head section of your website.

How to View Meta Tags of a Webpage?

To see the meta tag of any website, one has to see the source page of that page. After opening any webpage on your computer or laptop, press Ctrl + U. Now the coding of that web page will appear in front of you in the new page, you will be shown all the meta tags of that web page in the head section.

How to Generate Meta Tag?

By the way, you can generate Meta Tag from many websites online. But I will tell you in this article how to generate Meta Tag. And from which website do we generate Meta Tag?

1: First of all you have to search in your Search Engine. Meta Tag Generator for Blogger.

2: Many many results will come to you. You have to open the mybloggertricks website.

3: After opening the website, you will get Meta Tag Generator Tool on scrolling down the website.

4: In Description Colam you have to enter the description of your blog.

5: In Keywords, you have to enter the Meta tags of your blog.

6: You have to enter the name of the blog owner in the author

7: You have to keep All in 7 Robots.

8: After that you have to click on Create Metatages. After that you will have Meta Tags Create.

how to add Meta Tag to Blog?

The Meta Tags that you created on the mybloggertricks website, now you have to add them to your blog.

1: First of all you have to login to your blogger's dashboard.

2: After that you have to open the HTML by clicking in the Theme section

3: Now you have to type Ctrl + F in the HTML section. With which you will have Search Colam Open.

4: You have to do head search in the Search Box. After searching you have to go to mybloggertricks website.

5: Copy the Generate Meta Tag from mybloggertricks and come to Blogger's dashboard.

6: Now you have to paste the copied code under the Head. And click on save theme

FAQ For Meta Tag

Q – Can we change the meta tag of the website?

Yes, if you want, you can change the meta tag of your website.

Q – What is meta tag?

Meta tag is an HTML element which is found written in the head section of a web page. Meta tags give complete information about the webpage to the search engine crawler, with the help of which search engines give ranking to a webpage.