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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword ranking depends on many things. For example, how high is your authority, especially when it comes to a single post, then its page authority should also be high, only then it will be able to perform better in the search page.

How to check Keyword's ranking? Knowing this is very important for every blogger. Because when you do blogging, then you should know which rank of your post is in Google. Only then you can bring the blog post to a good rank.

The keyword of the blog post will show up to number 1-20, then you can check your post rank on the use search engine. But if your post is showing on 70-80 number then your post is not ranking well. So always share High quality content and SEO friendly Post on your blog.

As well as, it also depends on the keyword on which basis you have chosen it, although I have not written any post on this topic yet, except Keyword Tools.

If you want to know how the keyword ranks or for what reason it ranks, then you need to have deep knowledge about its research, only then you can understand its negative/positive thought.

Free Keyword Position Checker

This is a free online tool to check the rank of Keyword. On this you add the url of your blog, then add the keyword of any of your post.

This will show you on which rank your keyword is on the search engine.

What is Keyword Position?

Keyword position simply means whatever word you type in the search engine text box, at what number does the related article or post come, which you have written in your blog.

This is also necessary. Unless most of your posts or single posts appear in the top 10 of the search engines, the dream of organic visitors will not be fulfilled.

You must know that most of the visitors prefer to read the first post of the first page and there is a psychological reason for this (what is seen is what is sold). If one of your posts appears in the first position for a single targeted keyword, it will have the highest page authority (after domain).

And compared to any other blog, 75% of the visitor will visit your post and only after that will go to another blog. This is the condition of everyone as well as of myself.

Pre requirement

Before looking at search position, you should know about your keywords:

  1. Whatever keyword you are going to search, first check whether it is in your post or not.
  2. It will only work if it fits in the searchable space, so always insert it in title (h1) and image alt tag if necessary.
  3. It also depends on the language and country volume. Always choose keywords with low volume and high cpc.
  4. Take full care of how well it can rank in authority and backlinks.
  5. Always select Google targeted keywords and only then other search engines.

Check Keyword Position

Now it is the turn to know about its position. Although you might be thinking what is the big deal to know about it.

But it's a big deal for me because I get tired of searching for my own post, but I don't get it quickly and I get frustrated because of this.

You can find it in two ways:

  • From Google Search 

From Google Search

  • For this purpose, I will take the example of a trusted site. I take a keyword 'link building' and I also search its Google. After searching, the first post comes on the first page itself of MOZ website which is very famous and second number is whose post is amazing than all the others.
  • So this was the first method and this method has a lot of loopholes. If you do not find any post in it, then you can be disappointed.
  • It is possible that one of your posts is ranking at number 56 and after opening three pages you think that your post is not ranking anywhere.

With smallseotables

This is a very good site, where you can paste 5 links at once to check whether it is indexed or not. As well as, you can also check the indexing with your competitor site on different search engines.