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Do you know about the fast growing business in India Highrich Details, why it is spreading so fast, do you want complete information about it, then you are at the right place because in this article you will get complete information.

In this post, complete information has been given on topics like company information, business model, products, how to earn money, company address, how to do business, who can do business.

Along with this, PDF of the company’s certificate, repurchase, first product list, pool income, plan presentation has also been given.

Highrich Online Shopping Company Details

HiRich is a Multi Level Marketing Company which started its business from the year 2016 September, this company is working on the already available grocery, herbal and household products in India, its main function is to distribute the products.

This company started Highrich Online Shop in the year 2016 November, started the supply of grocery items from the year 2018 August, started its warehouse known as Taluk Warehouse in the year 2019 March, in October 2019 it got Incorporation Certified The company was formed.

Its agency facility started in the year 2020 in most of the pincodes of India, according to the statistics, the number of its customers was around 2 lakhs in the year 2020, which surprisingly increased to more than 11 lakhs by the year 2021.

High Rich Supermarket

Its supermarkets have opened in many places in India, which are being operated by common people, almost all types of household items are available under one roof, prices are lower than any other supermarket, as well as discounts. Discount is also available.

High Rich Business

This is a platform which is available for all the people of India where you can work from home because work is done smartly here, business can be done digitally in the digital world, if you want to help others If you are a person, then this can be a good opportunity for you.

Even if you want to become a trainer by building your own network and training them, this can prove to be a good platform for you, if you want to help people as well as earn money, then you can do it as a business.

High Rich Team

  • Founder – Prathapan KD
  • Co Founder – Sreena Prathapan
  • Managing Director – Prathapan KD
  • Chief Executive Officer – Sreena Prathapan

Highrich Vison & Mission

HiRich is an e-commerce website that provides original and quality products to the masses, ranging from groceries to fashion, electronics, everything at the lowest prices across all brands available online and offline. Is.

Trustworthy, new and emerging brands of all types are also included in this, High Rich Company ensures the basic services of common people as expected from all e-commerce website, ie, a wide selection range, timely delivery and Helping your customer, every time without a mistake.

The company believes in taking a step ahead to deliver products at a price range just above the product production rate.

In this time of rampant price rise i.e. inflation, High Rich is making an effort to creatively use technology to deliver products to the people at the least possible cost and in doing so primarily through e-commerce Made possible by the platform and the profitable system of trading.

The system of this business is designed to minimize the involvement of distributors, wholesalers coming between the manufacturer and the customer while keeping the prices under control, so as to keep the prices as low as possible and ensure the quality of each and every product available on the online store.

This company works by connecting people, relying on the traditional marketing system ‘Word of Mouth’ to reach new customers and serve them, every customer who joins has the privilege to save and earn while shopping has gone.

They have created a system where profits are shared directly with customers, associates and other associates.

High Rich Products

The products available in High Rich are divided into two parts-

  • First Purchase Products: Special types of products have been included in this part by the company, about which we will explain further.
  • General Products: Provides a wide range of products such as grocery, herbal, electronics, fashion, household items, automobile and digital products already sold in the Indian market, when it comes to quality, everyone can find all these items on their own. They have been taking it from the nearby market, their tagline is “change the shop, not the goods”.

Here is a list of some of the items available –

Highrich General Products-

  1. Black pepper
  2. Chandrika Soap
  3. Chicken Chilli Masala
  4. Comfort Fabric Conditioner
  5. Elite Chakki Atta
  6. Elite Semolina
  7. Every Day Milk Powder
  8. Fish fry masala
  9. Garam Masala
  10. Henko Washing Powder
  11. Incense stick
  12. Lux Soap
  13. Mr. white washing powder
  14. Mutton Masala
  15. Peacock Light Soap
  16. Rasam Masala
  17. Rin soap
  18. Ujala Supreme
  19. Ujala Washing Powder
  20. Vegetable Masala
  21. Vivel Soap
  22. boost health drink
  23. chilli and spices
  24. close up paste
  25. colgate mouth wash
  26. colgate paste
  27. colgate tooth brush
  28. coriander powder
  29. cumin powder
  30. exo wash powder
  31. hand wash
  32. horlicks
  33. lora soap
  34. margo soap
  35. no 1 soap
  36. pampers
  37. santoor soap
  38. stayfree
  39. sunrich cooking oil
  40. turmeric powder
  41. whisper

Apart from these there are many more, it is mentioned only for your reference.

Highrich Head Office Address & Contact Details

Head Office:

  • Highrich Online Shoppe Pvt Ltd
  • Capital Art Businesses Spaces, Neruvissery,
  • Arattupuzha P.O, Thrissur, Kerala- 680562
  • Phone- +91 9744338134
  • Email- info@highrich.in
  • Website- www.highrich.in
  • Website- www.highrich.net

Registered Office:

  • Highrich Online Shoppe Pvt Ltd
  • 2nd Floor, Kanimangalam Tower, Main Road,
  • Thrissur, Kerala- 680027

For Queries/Suggestions/Complaints:

  • Phone- +91 9544500023, +91 9544500025 (Malayalam)
  • Phone- +91 7559900081, +91 9744338134 (Hindi & English)

For Enquiries – Franchise: Phone- +91 7356183049

National & International Queries: Coo- +91 6238014065

High rich Business Model

High Rich Company buys the goods of famous brands already sold in the market in very large quantities from their manufacturer and sends them directly to the consumer and their store located in the taluk which is operated by common people associated with High Rich Company, such system It is called High Rich MLM or Multi Level Marketing.

Now because by doing this, the goods do not have to pass through the warehouse, distributor, wholesaler, so the prices of the goods do not increase, it directly benefits the company and its associated store operator in the form of margin and the customers get lower prices than the market. But any item is available from the nearest store.

Highrich Business Opportunity

Since this company is working by building a network of common people, therefore here you get a chance that you can earn as much money as you want by joining the company, for this you must have a PAN card.

This company gives you the opportunity to earn three times more money because you can take three IDs from one PAN card and earn a lot of money by working on all three IDs, you have to build a network of your acquaintances, starting with just Can be done with 2 people. High Rich Net

Types Of Income

You can earn money in many ways by joining this company, but here we will mainly talk about three types of income.

First Purchase Income: When a person of your identity buys any item according to his need through you for the first time, then you get its direct benefit in the form of commission, it is further explained in detail.

Self Purchase Income: When you or someone you know buys goods according to the needs of your home, then you and your friend get a huge discount, which ranges from 2% to 20%, this is your income.

Repurchase Income: Since all types of goods are available here at low prices, it is obvious that you and all your acquaintances will buy again from here, in this way you will get the profit of commission for the purchases made in your entire network. described in further detail.

Who can do this business? – Highrich.in Company Details

  • Housewife: Such housewives who stay at home most of the time can do this work while sitting at their home, talking to the people around the house and telling them its benefits.
  • Students: Students who are 18 years old and want to earn some income along with studies, they can do this work well with their classmates.
  • Employees: Employees who become free after doing a job can do this business by giving their time and discussing with their friends. High Rich Inn
  • Self Employed: Self-employed people are experts in the art of speaking, as well as their network is very large, in such a situation, they can earn a lot of money by using their network.
  • Unemployed: This can be a golden opportunity for unemployed people because they can adopt it as a career and give maximum time to it, for such people there is a good opportunity in this business.

How to join How To Start company?

Now if you want to join it then you can register by contacting those who are already doing it or you can register yourself by visiting the website of the company, after registration you will have to pay at least Rs.750/- or 200B Will have to buy some item of .V.

High Rich has more than 50 products available to buy for the first time, all have different prices, after buying any item as per your requirement, join this company and get ready to earn discount and money Let’s go

How To Earn?

This is a networking business, so here you have to build a network of people, which starts with two people, when you tell two people of your acquaintance about it and they join it and each person earns Rs.750/- If you buy, you get a commission of Rs.200/- for this, this income is unlimited.

When those two people of your identity bring their acquaintances in this, then they will also get income in the same way, but along with it you will also get income, this type of income is called first purchase income.

There is no problem in telling and explaining this to the people, so the company has given its PDF, you can download it by visiting our other article named Highrich Business Plan Pdf Download.

highrich products price list

To know the price of all the products of this company, you can visit the company’s website or download the PDF of the company’s product mentioned above, or if you want us to give detailed information on this, then we Do tell by commenting.

Highrich Business All Pdf

As we mentioned above that here you will get the PDF related to the company, you can download the required PDF for yourself.

  • Highrich Planning & Purchase
  • Highrich Brochure
  • Digital Pool

It is very important to know about network marketing to be successful in high rich business.

  • Highrich Certificates
  • First Purchase
  • Highrich


Reliable sources have been used to bring to you all the information available about Highrich Company, on the basis of which it can be said that it is a very reputed company, its management team has foresight, which is responsible for the future of any company.

Important notice

All the information given on this page is taken from reliable sources and no misleading or wrong information is given by this blog, yet if any mistake is made for some reason, you are requested to take any decision. Use your own discretion before taking it because if any loss or damage occurs to any reader due to this, the entire responsibility will be of the reader.

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