DM full form – What is the full form of DM?

Through this dm full form post, we will know what is the full form of dm, and what are the different types of meaning of DM. Because this word is very popular in today's time. Be it social media, police department or dm full form in medical department. The meaning of DM is used differently everywhere.

And all these are correct usage with their meaning in their respective fields. The full form of DM is used according to their department. So let's know with complete details.

DM full form

First of all, let me tell you that no word alone has a full form, but there are many full forms associated with it. Just their department field changes. Whether it is a matter of dm full form or full form of any other word.

Goverment (DM) District Magistrate
Social (DM) Direct Massage
Medical DM Doctor of Medicine
  • 1. Like if the full form of DM is added to the police department ie government service field, then it means "District Magistrate".
  • 2. Similarly, if the meaning of DM is related to social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, then its meaning changes to "Direct Massage".
  • 3. And after that the meaning of DM (full form of dM) comes in the category related to medical, then its meaning changes to “Doctor of Medicine”.

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1. What is (DM) District Magistrate?

If we talk about Goverment Service (DM) district magistrate, then let me tell you, it is a government job attached to a police department.

Which is selected by the examination of (IAS) Indian Administrative Service. Those who are the administration (head) of any one district of India, who have the task of maintaining the law and order of 1 district properly.

How to become DM?

Becoming a DM is a matter of great pride, and it is the dream of every student. But becoming a district magistrate is not that easy, for this you must be 21 to 30 years old and you have to clear the IAS exam.

Then through UPSC you will have to appear in the CSE exam and pass with a good rank. Then you will be selected for (IAS) posts. Then you will be appointed on the post of DM after 2 promotions.

Responsibilities of DM

  1. Keeping an eye on all the police stations present in your district.
  2. Getting everyone related to Income Tax, GST and Service Tax recovered.
  3. Providing all types of legal certificates.
  4. The District Magistrate i.e. Collector solves all kinds of confusions related to land.
  5. Whatever weapons are there, the work related to their liens and getting them (DM) is done.
  6. It is the job of Collect i.e. District Magistrate to plan the crime that happens.

2. What is (DM) Direct Massage?

If you use social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, it is very important for you to know about (DM) Direct massage.

Because if you are doing group chat with your friend, and someone told you to come in DM, then you will get confused that what is DM full form?

So tell you (DM) means Direct Massage, which we also call personal massage. Which no one else can read except our each other.

3. Dm full form in medical

This is a course related to Mediacal, by which we become a doctor by taking information about medicine.

If you want to do a course like Doctor of medicine, then for this you have to do this course after completing graduate degree.

And here also you will find many fields, like osteopathic medicine, philosophy medicine, if you want more information about all these, then do comment below.

So friends, I have explained all the important "full form of DM" in details. And the full form of d m which is less used, has been given in the box. Hope you liked the post.

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