CLC full form – Cellular Light Weight Concrete

CLC Block Full Form – What is CLC? – Do you want to know CLC Block Full Form, will tell you the full name of CLC Block. CLC is actually a concrete block (brick) whose full form.

CLC Block is a type of concrete block which is used in many types of construction. It is three times lighter and stronger than common clay and flyash bricks.

The density of these blocks is around 600 to 800 Kg/cuM because of the high amount of air pockets in it. Because of these characteristics, now the demand for these blocks is getting very high and perhaps that is why you also want to know the CLC block full form.

In this article you will know CLC full form means what is the full name of this block, you will know it in easy words.

clc block full form – CLC full form

The full form of CLC in English is ‘Cellular Light Weight Concrete’ and the block made from it is called CLC in short. If its full name or full form is called, then ‘cellular light-weight concrete’ block.

CLC Block Features

There are many features of CLC block, so its demand is increasing every day. All the features of this block are written below.

  1. CLC Blocks are three times lighter and stronger than clay bricks
  2. This block costs less to build a house
  3. The density of CLC blocks is 600 to 800 Kg/cuM
  4. This block is environment friendly because it is made from the waste coming out of the factories.
  5. Coal is used in the manufacture of common clay bricks, which causes air pollution.
  6. CLC Block is heat proof and sound proof
  7. Cellular Light Weight Concrete block absorbs less water than clay bricks because there are more number of air pockets inside it.
  8. Chunky CLC Blocks absorb less water, so cracks are less in them.
  9. Due to being foam concrete, it is fireproof.
  10. It is very light weight so it is easy to handle

Where are CLC Blocks used?

As you know that these blocks are very light, hence it is used in many types of construction. CLC block is used to make small and big buildings. As well as, the inner and outer walls of the house are made from it. From this the roof of the house is constructed and waterproofing is done.

CLC blocks are also used for green construction.

How is CLC Block made?

Coal is used in thermal power palnt or electric generating power plant and CLC blocks are made from the ash that comes out of it.

Other materials such as Portland Cement (cement), Fly ash (a type of ash), water and foaming agent are used to make the block.


Through this article, you will know what is CLC block full. With this, you have come to know about the features of Clc block, how it is made and where it is used. The topic of this article was completed. If you have any question then you can ask by commenting below.

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