What Does 1K or 1M Means? Talking About Prices, Money

What is the meaning of 1K, 2K, 1M in social media post or video? – You must have seen 1K 1B 10M 2K etc written on social sites like Youtube, Facebook Instagram. This letter shows the views, likes, shares and subscriber count of any video. Is this the complete answer? No, read the full details below….

The letter K is also seen written next to the number on any Facebook post, photo and video. Sometimes heart, sad and laughing emoji are used instead of like. There a mark of thumb ie thumbs up is made. Above that 4, 3k and 2K symbols are made. If you have come to this article then it is obvious that you must have a question in your mind that what is the meaning of K in this 1K?

See the place of number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 can be any number. There is no game of these numbers. We have to know the meaning of the K next to it. There is no need for you to be confused by seeing its letter, in this post we are clearing all the confusion.

Telling you, what happens to 2k meaning and 1B. And what is the connection of these letters with K in front of all the numbers. Sometimes it is also used for 1k money but it is not used in common life. Mostly the use of this word has been seen online.

1k followers, 2k likes, 1M views, 1B downloads and subscribers are also written on some social media sites. What is the full form of the letters that are next to the number, we are knowing this.

What is the meaning of K, M and B?

Due to paucity of time in this run-of-the-mill life, we have found a shortcut method for many things. In the same way, when it comes to mobile or smartphone, then we have to take care of everything in this small screen of 5 inches.

Companies want that in the small screen of this smartphone, all the things that people need should be given. But it is not possible to show all the things together, that is why some words have been shortened to shortcut.

Actually K, B and M which are written in front of all these numbers are nothing but shortcut names of words.

full form Of K, M and B shortcut letter

Here the full form of K is Kilo (Kilo) and the standard of kilo has been kept at 1000. It is used in SI ie International System of Unit. In this way, if 000 is placed in front of 1 number, then it is completely one thousand, in this way 1k means directly from 1000.

Here M stands for Million which is also known as 10 lakh. Thus 1M means 10 lakhs. And 10M means one crore.

B means Billion which is an English word. we call it Arab. In this way, by adding B in front of 1, the word 1B is prepared, which means one billion. We can also call it 100 crores.

In downloads of Play Store apps

Apart from social media sites, the app of play store also shows 10M+ 1B+ and 100K+ downloads. Like shows 5B+ of whatsapp and 1B+ plus downloads of Instagram.

In this way, as many numbers are there and the symbol is placed in front of it, then that much downloads are counted. The download of the Play store app is shown in a round figure only.

The sign of plus (+) is made, it shows that the number of downloads of that app is shown in the form of downloads. When this round figure is completed, then that number starts appearing in place of download. In this way, as many numbers as there are views, likes, shares, subscribers and downloads. Now you know the meaning of k M and B.

Why is only shortcut used?

If we write 1000 (one thousand) to 1K and if we write 1000000 (ten lakh) to 1M, then how complicated it will be to read. Also, many people will get confused in counting the number. This is the first reason, after that as we have told you above in this article. Due to the small screen of the smartphone, many things have to be arranged.

For this reason, shortcuts are used. There is one more benefit from this, that companies want to include all the options and features even in small screens.

If a word has to be shortened for this, then there is no problem. And at the same time it brings convenience to you and us.

  • 1K = 1000 (one thousand)
  • 10K = 10,000 (ten thousand)
  • 100K = 1,00,000 (one lakh)
  • 1M = 10,000,00 (10 lakhs, one million)
  • 10M = 10,000,000 ( 100 lakh, one crore, 10 million)
  • 1B = 1,000,00,00,00 (1 Arab, Arab)

What is the meaning of 1K 1M 1B 1T?

Hello friends, do you also want to know what is the meaning of 1K 1M 1B 1T? So you have entered on a right website, through this article we are going to know and learn what is the meaning of 1k, what is the meaning of 1M, what is the meaning of 1B and finally what is the meaning of 1T.

When we enter this world of internet and social media, then we come to know about new things. And out of this there are 1k, 1m, 1b and 1T when we visit someone’s Instagram profile or someone’s channel on YouTube. Then we see this 1k, 1m, 1b, 1t.

It is visible not only on YouTube and Instagram but also on other social network sites like – Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn. Then the question arises in our mind that what does it mean, then you tell all the people that it is a number.

Read further to know about all these in detail which are used in the internet world.

What is the meaning of 1K?

First of all, what we see mostly on social media is 1K, if we understand 1K then it is a number, which is used in social media and other places to show heavy words in a short form. Is.

1K means 1,000, that is, if 1K is written somewhere, then it means 1 thousand (one thousand) and if the word related to K is written somewhere like 2K, then it means two thousand.

K is used to denote thousand on social media and the Internet. So that when any person finds K written somewhere at the end of a number like 10, then that person understands that it means 10 thousand, that is why K is used on social media and other places.

Examples of K. 

  • 1K = one thousand
  • 2K = two thousand
  • 3K = three thousand
  • 4K = four thousand
  • 5K = five thousand
  • 6K = six thousand
  • 7K = seven thousand
  • 8K = eight thousand
  • 9K = nine thousand
  • 10K = 10 thousand

What is the meaning of 1M?

Now another alphabet we see is M, at the end of the words we see this alphabet with M. Then the question comes in our mind that what does M stand for. So you tell all the people that, M is also used to write and show large numbers in short form. M stands for million, million means 10 lakhs.

So if somewhere 1M is written, it means one million (1 million) ie 10 lakhs. Somewhere if one million has to be written, then we have to write something like this, 1,000, 000 which looks very strange and there is difficulty in understanding quickly, so M is used to solve this problem, which Large numbers are written in fewer words.

Example – 

  • 1M = Ten Lakh
  • 2M = Twenty Lakh
  • 3M = Thirty Lakh
  • 4M = Forty Lakh
  • 5M = Fifty Lakh
  • 6M = Sixty Lakh
  • 7M = Seven Lakh
  • 8M = Eighty Lakh
  • 9M = Ninety Lakh
  • 10M = Hundred lakh (one crore)

What is the meaning of 1B?

Now the one alphabet we have is B which we see at the end of the numbers. Then we think that what is the meaning of 1B i.e. B? So you tell all the people that B is used to show very large numbers in short form from the form of big numbers, B means Billion and billion is called Arab in Hindi.

If we get 1B written somewhere, then we have to understand that it means one billion.

One billion is a very large number, which looks difficult to see and is not easily understood, because of this, 1,000,000,000 is written as 1B in a short form, which is nice to see and easy to understand. One quickly understands that this is an Arab. Where does one billion go to 100 crores.

Example of 1B. 

  • 1T = 100 Crore
  • 2T = Two Hundred Crore
  • 3T = Three Hundred Crore
  • 4T = Four Hundred Crore
  • 5T = Five Hundred Crore
  • 6T = Six Hundred Crore
  • 7T = Seven Hundred Crore
  • 8T = Eight Hundred Crore
  • 9T = Nine hundred crores
  • 10T = one billion

What is the meaning of 1T?

Now our next alphabet is T, you rarely see this alphabet because it means a very large number, like the rest of the alphabet, T alphabet is also used to write large numbers in short form. T stands for Trillion (Trillion), that is, if 1T is written somewhere, it will mean 1 Trillion (100 trillion).

T is used to denote trillion because one trillion is seen in numbers 1,00,00,00,00,000, it seems very big to see, and it is not easy to understand at the same time. It is known that it is a trillion, so T is used to represent trillion.

Examples of T. 

  • 1T = one billion
  • 2T = two billion
  • 3T = three billion
  • 4T = four billion
  • 5T = five billion
  • 6T = six billion
  • 7T = seven billion
  • 8T = eight billion
  • 9T = nine billion
  • 10T = billion

FAQ’s – 1K 1M 1B 1T Meaning?

K is used to represent which number?

  • K is used to represent thousand.

What does 1L mean on youtube?

  • 1L means one lakh on YouTube, understand it like this – 1L subscribers = one lakh subscribers.

What number is CR used to represent on YouTube?

  • CR is used to denote Crore on YouTube. Example. 1cr subscribers = one crore subscribers.

Your readers’ time is very valuable. Keeping this in mind, we have given the meaning of numbers like 1K, 2K etc. in simple words.

Hope after reading this article whatever doubts you had in your mind have been cleared. If you have any kind of dilemma in your mind, then you can feel free to ask your questions in the comment box given below. To which you will be replied promptly and definitely. You remained like this mood. Please do share this post to your friends.

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